Sites on crypto come in different flavors, the two most well known categories are news and price. The worst examples come from a combination from the two: if you have read Taleb Nassim’s ‘Fooled by Randomness’ you know there will always be someone who comes up with an explanation about why the market went up, down or sideways. The next time, in the same circumstances the exact opposite might happen: no problem for the news-generators.
As you might have guessed by now, Coincheckweekly is mainly interested in actual performance and real-world adoption of crypto currencies, not so much about the how and why (not). Since we want to encourage everyone to pay more attention to data, we share with you our top 5 sources with their pro’s and con’s.



1. cannot be avoided: on a daily basis they add (and delete) new coins and tokens – in the process performing at least some kind of due diligence to determine if the project has at least some right to existence. Since the real cryptomarket is too large and partly hidden through the use of services like localbitcoins, decentralized exchanges etc, the mentioned marketcap is no more then a best guess. But it is a start and they connect to as many exchanges possible.



2. is the place to be if you want to learn from the community by asking questions or browsing topics and news. Personally I love to pay attention to the mood and atmosphere within subreddits: are people who ask good questions about the validity of a project being well-treated and are the questions being addressed? Could not do my work as an analyst without a forum like this!



3. collects an amazing amount of blockchain performance data on a daily basis, that is displayed in a smart way. To browse some highlights: enjoy the fee histogram of bitcoin for the past 24 hours or look at the number of cumulative bitcoins that are dormant for at least five years – love it!



4. is our first choice when researching Ethereum-based coins or tokens. Want to know how many OmiseGo or Request holders exists? Select the token and the Ethereum blockchain is scanned to provide you with the answer!



5. is nice because they present price data bit more dynamically compared to many competitors. The standard sorting – not on coinmarketcap, but on the highest transaction volume in the last 24 hours, is innovative and more aimed at the direction coins are moving in, compared to acquired positions.
Apart from this top five, Coincheckweekly uses dozens of sources to be able to provide our readers with a weekly benchmarked overview of developments within the crypto domain. Sign up here if you want to be informed weekly as well!