It is sometimes hard to imagine, but blockchain and crypto are still in it’s first decade. Nine years ago there was this tiny hobby-project called bitcoin, but today literally thousands of projects have been built based on this original blueprint. Not surprisingly, the majority of these undertakings are still very young, the bulk of them even three years or less.

What will become of them once they’ve grown out of their infancy stage? This is not so easy to predict. We do know however that young blockchain and crypto projects will need a lot of attention in order to grow up: developers who like the project, a growing community, actual users and/or holders and low fees are a few of them, amongst others.

Several platforms document the progress of crypto projects in different forms. It is often tempting however to take the presented data at face value. Unfortunately, data is seldom completely neutral: there is always an underlying point of view, implicit assumptions about how the world works or should work.

At Coincheckweekly we realize we suffer from the same kind of flaws: the data we present is gathered and labelled from a certain angle and we think it is only fair to make that angle very explicit to you: we monitor growth.

In-house, we define growth as the combination of higher than average performance for the following essential metrics that we focus on today: price, community, Alexa ranking, transactions per second and fee developments. Please note that this holds even true in bear markets when most or even all prices go down: some coins can still greatly outperform others.

Coincheckweekly does not however decide for you what growth is, but aims to provide you with accurate information to support your grip on developments in the crypto domain.

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